Here are some answers to a few questions we get most frequently about our submission process:

Question: What is the approval process for submissions at KFLG Radio?


The only possible methods of rejection with our station is if the sound quality of your music is below standard
(ie. very low quality mp3's, scratchy recordings), or your filename is not properly formatted, otherwise your music will be played.

Question: Can you tell me when my song is going to play on the air?


Due to the number of submissions we get on a daily basis we cannot guarantee a specific time your song(s) will air.
It's best to just listen to the station or have your fans, friends and family listen.
Besides you might hear some other music that inspires you or some artist you would like to work with.

Question: Is there a way I can get my music played more frequently on the station?


Yes! On the website there's a box where listeners can request songs, have your fans request it there.
The more requests a song receives, the more frequently it gets played.

Question: Can I advertise my project, products or upcoming events on KFLG even though I'm just an artist?


Yes you can, contact the advertising department for information on airtime commercials and banner web advertising at: advertising@kflgradio.com.
If you just want to let us know where you'll be performing at next send a email to events@kflgradio.com
and we'll get it listed in the events box on the right hand side of the site for free until the day after the event!!

Question: Does your site report plays to the royalty agencies (ASCAP, BMI, etc..)?


Yes we do report when the proper reporting information is given by artists. At any time you can request a summary of how many times your music has been played for any given period on our site for free!!

Question: Can I have my music removed from the site if i want to?


Yes, your music is your music. We hold no claim to it, just send a email to management@kflgradio.com and specify if you want it just
taken out of rotation or removed completly from our servers, and we'll take action and send you a confirmation email when it's done.
within 24 hours.

Question: What if I have a question or concern that's not covered here?


Just send a email to management@kflgradio.com and we'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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