Thank you for your interest in submitting music for consideration to KFLG Radio!!

All submissions will be added to rotation within 24 to 48 hours of successful review.

While we generally accept all submissions, there are a few things that can delay getting your music to the KFLG Radio rotation:

  • Music filename improperly formatted:

          All music files should be formatted as such ArtistName - SongTitle - Genre.fileextension

           Example: John & The Does - Our Song - Pop.mp3

           Songs not named properly will not be considered for airplay!

  • Submitted music is in an unacceptable digital format.

           Acceptable formats for submission are:


          MP3 (192kbs encoding or higher)

          MP4 Audio files

          OGG audio files (64kbs encoding or higher)

If your music is not in one the accepted formats, we kindly invite you to either render it out again from your recording platform of choice or convert it to an acceptable format using a audio editing program or audio conversion program.  There are also many free or low-cost options available for both the Mac and Windows platforms for audio editing and recording such as:

While we feel everyone has the right to say what they want and for the most part we don't censor the music that's played, we will not accept music that is:

  • Racist in nature, intent or meaning
  • Extremely derogatory or degrading towards a race, gender or sexual orientation of people.
  • Extremely threatening music in tone and meaning towards one specific individual

If you didn't include EPK (Electronic Press Kit) with your submission we strongly encourage to submit another email just containing one!!!

You never know who's watching the site and listening to your music.

Otherwise, once reviewed your music will get placed into our rotation at random, unless you would like it to premiere at a certain date and time.  In which case

contact us again with a date and time and reason for special placement.

Understand that submitting your music is strictly voluntary and in no way will KFLG Radio compensate you submission by any means.

Your submission also gives us the rights to use your recording in on-air advertising, and shows without limitation.

Now in return for letting us use your music, artists, musicians, bands, and DJ's promote for free on the website and the radio station.  We will never charge a artist, musician, DJ, band a fee to run a submitter provided commercial on air for CD/Mixtape releases, Club/Tour events, In-Store signings, Festival appearances, etc...

No matter what day or time of day if you provide the commercial and the start and stop date of the campaign we'll put it into rotation for up to 45 days.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to submit them to, where someone will address them in a timely fashion.

Thank You Again,

KFLG Radio Submissions Department

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